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Here is Trump saying he “needs” the Heritage Foundation, the organization behind Project 2025, in order to “achieve” his extreme MAGA agenda.

#TrumpMustLose2024 #NoRepublicansEverAgain #KevinDRoberts #HeritageFoundation #FuckFascists #VoteBlue

After beheading their ruling class, France ended up with a system of elections that allows the majority to stop the advance of the far right. We could learn a lot from them.

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Promise 4 is to Secure Our God-Givem Individual Right to Enjoy The Blessings of Liberty

Says that “all men are created equal”.

Women, on the other hand, need not enjoy the blessings of liberty 🙄

And that's just the Foreword by #KevinRoberts, PhD, who, on the 4th of July, augured the #SecondAmericanRevolution under threat of #bloodshed


Also crucially important: The leader of France's white supremacist fascist party, Jordan Bardella, is furious. But he's not threatening to overthrow the French government in a bloody coup.

Our Republican Party, OTOH, is far more extreme. The GOP unanimously and fanatically endorses violent revolution, and it has already rejected the authority of our 2024 elections in advance. The GOP controls most members of our military, and virtually all law enforcement agencies.


LOL! Joe Biden has implemented the most successful and progressive agenda of my lifetime. By "disastrous," he means helping unions and people of color.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) insisted on Sunday that Donald Trump would not try to prosecute his political opponents if he wins the election—despite Trump promising to do just that, the Daily Beast reports.

Said Rubio: “He’ll be too busy undoing all the damage of this disastrous presidency.”

#VoteBlueNoMatterWho #LiddleMarco #GOP #GOPLiars

That’s not an exaggeration. Most middle-of-the-road German voters in 1932 thought the Nazis a little eccentric, but not in any way dangerous.


I hope Canada is paying attention to the lessons of the France situation.

It suggest two steps required. First, parties on the left need to work together to defeat the cons in ridings where they otherwise split the vote, and second the resulting cooperation needs to install ranked-ballot (like they all use internally, but don't let us have) for a proper proportional system.

#CDNpoli #France

Very interested in understanding how the Jewish vote played out in the French elections after all the anglophone media hype about it.


No matter how much they huff & they puff, the Reputinikkklan Congress, the Heritage Oily-garchs, the MSM, & the weak kneed Extremist Left will not dissuade me from voting for the most effective President since FDR.

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>> #Democrats smell blood with #Trump and #StephenMiller trying to disown connections with #Project2025. Make it a rallying cry


From the Foreword by #KevinRoberts of #HeritageFoundation

>> low-income communities are drowning in… government dependence

He wants #Potus47 to help them.

Said Ronald #Reagan: "The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help"

I dream of living in a country where a former president who stole classified documents would serve as long a term in prison as Reality Winner served for stealing one document (times the number of classified documents he stole).

The people of the UK and France showing us that there is a path forward is exactly what we needed to see right now.

pro tip: if they can imprison Steve Bannon for ignoring a legally-issued Congressional subpoena, they can imprison Jim Jordan for ignoring a legally-issued Congressional subpoena. this isn't fucking rocket science

Here's another conspiracy theory I totally believe in:
Fossil-fuel companies and producers manipulate gas prices (upward) in the run-up to summer vacation.

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The media sure does want us to commit political suicide, doesn't it?

Good thing Biden's not listening to this nonsense.

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The people chose Biden. The media wants to override the will of the people and usher in fascism.

Hard pass.

@bmalsuj @GreenFire @barney

The people chose Biden. We held primaries: he won.

This was a true primary: we truly wanted Biden, even though useful idiots such as yourself do not.

"Conservatives in red states turn their attention to ending no-fault divorce laws"

The interview makes clear, as like abortion, or birth control. Getting rid of no-fault divorce is about control.

Allowing for no fault divorce lead to a dramatic increase in the well being of women.

Removing it would have the opposite effect.

When conservatives talk about "tradition" this is a code for control.

Our parents and grandparents fought these battles why are we here again?

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