The Vice President and I are doing everything we can to protect access to reproductive services and safeguard patient data.

And make no mistake.

If Congress passes a national abortion ban, I will veto it.

Will these low lives that are wearing the gun lapel pins. Pin on a new one after every mass shooting? Soon they will be looking like those North Korean generals that have medals all over their uniforms all the way down the leg to the boot top.

Come work with me at #UMich CRLT. I'm happy to share some of the quantitative data and survey projects I've worked on with our #assessment team---they've been really engaging and let me keep my #rstats skills sharp. #altac

@edutooters maybe you can help me find the right hashtags to spread this to the right people!

President #Biden will deliver good news for his #SOTU:

✅️ 12 million jobs
✅️ Lowest unemployment rate in 50 years
✅️ Price of insulin capped at $35 a month for seniors
✅️ Trillion-dollar investment in rebuilding America.

The State of the Union is stronger than ever.

Someone asked ChapGPt to come up with 10 Commandments for the modern world. I could be guided by these principles. Perhaps a new religion is in order?

It’s always a good day to remember just how corrupt Koch-backed Senator Joe Manchin is. Rolling Stone has detailed his crimes. #IndictJoeManchin #KochIsEvil #AFP #CorruptGOP #GOPTraitors

Manchin’s Coal Corruption Is So Much Worse Than You Knew | 01-10-2022

Petition to bring back and consistently use umlauts for double-vowels that are voiced as distinct syllables, e.g.



GREAT NEWS: Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says that inflation will further decline in 2023. 

Our #StateOfTheUnion is only becoming stronger under President #Biden.

It was him who ordered to take about 500 people hostage, patients, doctors and local residents, including more than a hundred bedridden patients, as well as to replace the approaches to the building, and to turn the boarding school itself into a firing position for the occupiers. This fact is legally proven. And now the war criminal, who was sent to the #Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations after escaping from #Ukraine, is in charge of rescuers in #Turkey.


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#UPDATE The United States on Tuesday announced its approval of a $10 billion sale of 18 Himars precision rocket launchers plus ammunition and other equipment to Poland, a NATO ally that borders conflict-hit Ukraine.

Texas lawmakers are trying to micro-manage books in schools. Trust librarians instead | Opinion - "If you want to protect kids from bad influences, take away their phones, not their library books." #Education

This Is How Democrats Should Talk About School Reform - This is something Democrats need to learn if they are going counter MAGAts. via @dianeravitch #Education #Politics

Mike Pence: ‘We’ve got to have a conversation’ about reforming Social Security. Saying that 70% of government spending is on entitlement programs, Pence asserted, “And the truth is we’ve got to have a conversation.”

The vast majority of voter would disagree that a discussion is necessary regarding SS—especially considering that the source of the money is the recipients and their employers. We think the discussion should be about tax rates for the wealthy and corporations.


This violin was in the car stolen from singer Debbie Davis in New Orleans. Boosting the signal - hoping that it will be recovered. Thanks ❤ This is a photo of the violin before it was worked on. It now has new strings and pegs and it’s cleaned up in full playing condition. The case is hard brown leather and has inscription A2 painted on the bottom of the case in white paint. Please be on the lookout in New Orleans area. #NOLA @noladon

WaPo (Opinion): “The 1619 Project” is not divisive or anti-American. It’s about showing Black Americans what we’ve been through and what we’re capable of and honoring those, Black and White, who sacrificed so much so that we could continue our fight against racism. Teaching Black history is about showing us, after all we’ve been through and are still going through, that we are all truly Americans."

There are thousands of people under the rubble. The average temperature is minus 15 degrees. It's going to be very difficult tonight. We need international solidarity. Please push your governments in Europe. Time is so little...

In space, no one can hear you scream.
In cyberspace, no one can shut you up.

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