Being an ally means that you stand up with us, right by us, and you offer aid when a member of our tribe needs help.

We love you for doing that … especially when it’s hard.

#Pride #Pride2023 #PrideMonth

300 animals died today in the Nova Kakhovka zoo due to russia’s destruction of the Kakhovka HPP dam. This is ecocide. The russians want to destroy anything that is alive.

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The new organization shall be referred to as The Bone Saw Tour.

PGA Tour and LIV announce shock merger to end bitter split

Fiske and Ladd: North Carolina Is a State at Risk - The Republican Party has turned against public education nationally and in North Carolina with a vengence. via @dianeravitch #privatization

Our historic investments in clean energy manufacturing – now protected under the bipartisan budget agreement – are helping us build the best infrastructure in the world.

Texas sheriff recommends criminal charges in DeSantis’ migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard - Miami Herald

“Shamp did not respond to questions about whether she embraced the beliefs of Christian nationalism…

One of the biggest promoters of Christian nationalism and dominionism has been disgraced Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump’s first national security advisor, who has claimed that he is waging “spiritual warfare” and building an “army of God.” …

Shamp is a fervent supporter of Flynn’s, and has posted praise of Flynn often…”


#ChristianNationalism #ChristoFascism

I hope they didn't spend a lot of money to figure that out. I remember when #Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs was criticized for not debating Kari Lake and I realized it was the right move not to get on stage with a media personality who knows how to "make luv" to the cameras.

Republican Debates Will Most Likely Just Benefit #Trump

Parliment will be debating the EHRC's guidance to change the definition to 'biological sex' in the Equality Act 2010 on 12th June.

Help to make sure trans people's lives are protected and that our voices are amplified over the misinformation of transphobic hate.

Use Stonewall's tool to write to your MP, tell them your concerns before the debate to represent trans people, we would also recommend calling or meeting with your MP.


There is no way out for George #Santos either he goes to prison or he gets gerrymandered into oblivion. The new NY congressional maps proposed by democrats are enough to retake the house and that's not even counting Wisconsin which will have fair maps since we flipped the state Supreme Court

I remain mystified at the number of abled people who can know you're disabled and still insist you can do as much as they can, in the same ways they can.

#DoesNotCompute #Ableism

“Registering an electric vehicle in Texas will cost $400 initially and $200 each renewal year. Ostensibly, this fee would offset the portion of the gas tax allocated to infrastructure and road maintenance.

In reality, the bill implements a tax that does nothing more than protect the oil industry and score a culture war win for Abbott. It’s replete with logical inconsistencies and obvious half-thoughts.”

#evs #electricvehicles #lawfedi

Of course it’s unconstitutional…why does my #Florida legislature and Despicable Ron keep wasting tax money doing these stunts? Why chaos?

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