To the next person who wishes me a "Happy Memorial Day" I'm going to reply "It is, indeed, a beautiful day for honoring those who gave their lives to protect us and our democracy." #MemorialDay #democracy #soldiers

If bootlicking was an Olympic event, Tim Scott would take home the gold.

@Free_Press This is fucking heartbreaking. 😭
Putin needs to be put out of the world’s misery, but especially Ukraine’s.

The number of U.S. oil refineries exceeding the EPA's action level for cancer-causing benzene in 2023 was cut in half compared to 2020.

These are the kinds of regulations Trump and his minions want to scrap. The very first executive order of Trump's presidency was to relax regulations governing dumping mine waste into rivers

Elections have consequences.

Fenceline Monitoring Dashboard:


Service women in Louisiana could be ARRESTED for making private health choices. This outrageous policy threatens military readiness and retention.

Trump and MAGA GOP are to blame!


Little Mykhailo is going through the process of giving his DNA samples because his father didn’t make it home yesterday after the Russian terrorist attack on the Epicentr supermarket.

Due to the fire, experts fear they will have to sift through the ashes to identify the remains and the dead.

Ukraine needs the strengthening of its air defense systems so that children do not lose their parents in the maelstrom of Russian aggression!
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Will people who claim to care about Palestinians distance themselves from Rashida Tlaib? Does she speak for the entire movement?

Ari Emanuel denounces Israeli Prime Minister at Jewish group’s gala

Outspoken Hollywood power player Ari Emanuel blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while receiving the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Humanitarian Award this week. #press

defacement of a Shoah memorial, international politics, Russia 

The defacement of the Paris „Mémorial de la Shoah“ might have been instigated by Russia to deepen the divide in Europe between Jews / pro-Jewish folks and the pro Hamas movement:

Law Dork - - In a series of paragraphs that are up there as being among the most shocking I have read in my journalistic career, #WashingtonPost acknowledged on Saturday they hid #Alito article for 3 yrs and dropped it in the middle this holiday week, more than a week after NYT report, that they had known about the flag since at least January 20, 2021, and had not revealed knowledge of it until May 25, 2024. complicit #insurrection #democracy #MAGA

When antisemitism is dismissed or excused, this inevitably follows. Given the failure of leaders to respond to antisemitic violence against Jewish students in Canadian communities, no one can be surprised at the escalation to shooting at Jewish schools.

George Conway put this billboard up near Mar-a-Lago 😂
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The Key to Mike Johnson's Christian Extremism Hangs Outside His Office

House Speaker Mike Johnson hangs an "Appeal to Heaven" flag outside of his office and has ties to the Christian nationlist New Apostolic Reformation.

Bradley Onishi

It's painful to watch Russia hitting civilian targets at will in Kharkiv, this must stop, deliver all weapons to Ukraine it needs and allow to strike in Russia to defend itself.
#ukraine #russia #kharkiv

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