4/ Ryan Goodman called it the "corporate death penalty."

Me likey.

Me likey a LOT.

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BREAKING: NY judge overseeing Trump civil case orders a number of Trump LLCs to be dissolved. Parties agree that the person best equipped to quickly dissolve an operating business is Elon Musk.

Especially important for those raised in religious homes, where codependency is encouraged. #ReligiousTrauma #codependency

“Speaker Kevin McCarthy's job on the line as shutdown looms”

Under the Peter principle, Kevin McCarthy should be an assistant produce manager at a grocery store in Riverside, California - but never, ever allowed to move up. He should ALWAYS be an assistant manager: making sure the lettuce is fresh, ordering grapes - but never making any major decisions without asking the actual produce manager first. I think he’d be pretty good at that job.


How many posts do you write, and then delete, per day? I have to average somewhere around five.

And how much do I love that the UAW president REPORTED presidential candidate Tim Scott (R-Russia) to the NLRB for stating that striking workers should be fired.



@Free_Press I can read these stories all day. They give me the warm fuzzies.

3/ It just gets BETTER!

Via Elizabeth De La Vega:

The judge has ordered cancellation of all [NYS] business certs of "any entity controlled or beneficially owned by Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump, Jr, Eric Trump, Alan Weisselberg, & Jeffrey McConney. An independent receiver will manage the dissolutions.

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Today we launch our latest app - Ollie's Arcade. Featuring 3 retro-styled mini games inspired by the kinds of games we used to love to play as kids & it's totally FREE to download.

It also has NO ads. NO coins to buy and is not subscription based.

Need to kill some time at the doctor's office? Fire up Snake and see how many apples you can eat. In line at the DMV? Take to the sky and fly Ollie around the world and back in Ollie Soars.

Help us spread the word, enjoy!


“New #Senate Proposal Aims to Head Off Weekend Government #Shutdown

An agreement between Senate Republicans and Democrats would keep agencies open through mid-November and provide billions in aid for Ukraine and disaster relief. But House Republicans are likely to balk.”


aclu.org/press-releases/under- Under Public and Legal Pressure, Louisiana Finally Moves Children Out of Angola Prison
July 2022, Governor John Bel Edwards announced a plan to move children in juvenile justice custody to the former death row of Angola
Angola’s transformation from slave plantation to a prison camp for mostly Black men conscripted under the convict leasing system to nation’s largest maximum-security adult prison underlines its legacy of white supremacy & #Massincarceration #CivilRights

Sam just asked me this ⤵️

This is a very reasonable solution: Give him a warning. Each time he doesn't stop, move up the trial date.

Advantages: The judge has discretion over setting a trial date, so this would be difficult to appeal. Plus she'd have good reason.

Trump has enough resources to hire the lawyers he needs.

About the earliest she could move the trial would be December / November, and of course, this wouldn't shut him up.

I’m glad to see this list growing.

You can't condemn Trump or George Santos and not condemn Menendez. He needs to leave and allow Governor Murphy to name a Senate replacement.

Menendez is entitled to defend himself to the fullest extent the law allows. But not while in the government.

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker joins calls for Bob Menendez to resign as pressure escalates-

@makkhorn Two and a half. And her 7 year old sister is going to be a real heart-breaker, too.

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