The next phase of the pandemic is going to be largely about the medical and viral evolutionary effects of persistent infections.

@angiebaby @JuanWild Nazi inversion. #fediantisemitism

FYI LGBTQ people are killed in Gaza, as they were in 1939 Germany.

Meanwhile, in Israel, trans leaders are being elected to government:

Am I sorta getting this correct?

DeSantis does everything possible to make Florida public schools fail.

DeSantis says failing public schools can be converted to or replaced by charter schools.

Goal: to get rid of public schools in Florida.

The gov. is such a clever little dude.

8/ More, from Klasfeld:

The judge appears inclined to let the DA raise this federal judge's finding in sanctioning Trump for filing his RICO case against Hillary Clinton.

"Mr. Trump is a prolific and sophisticated litigant who
is repeatedly using the courts to seek revenge on political adversaries."

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Florida: DeFascist Signs Bill to Limit Book Bans and Adds a Sugarplum for Charter Schools - It will speed up converting traditional public schools to charter schools if Florida says they're failing. via @dianeravitch #DeFascist

Speaker Johnson says he now believes
On Russian Intent

“I really do believe the intel and the briefings that we’ve gotten,” Johnson said, in a moment that became a mini-speech.

“I think that Vladimir Putin would continue to march through Europe if he were allowed.

"I think he might go to the Balkans next. I think he might have a showdown with Poland, or one of our NATO allies.”

"If so, he added, we might find ourselves sending troops to defend allies from Putin later."
#deepstate #putin #cia

19 April 1943 | Groups of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto began the uprising against Germans. It lasted 27 days.

Today we remember the bravery & sacrifice of people who chose to resist against impossible odds to die in dignity & save the human spirit.


According to Texas law, shouldn't incidents like these lead to negligent homicide charges (at least) against the institutions refusing to attend a woman in distress?
#Emergency #HealthCare #Capitalism #Texas

Charlie Kirk-linked GOP lawmaker ends re-election bid after complaint he forged signatures

MAGA extremist Kari Lake championed Arizona's total abortion ban from 1864 and called it "a great law."

Ruben Gallego is a battle-tested progressive who will vote to end the filibuster and restore our reproductive freedom.

We can't win a real Democratic trifecta without Arizona. If you can, pitch in to power the organizing work to elect Rep. Gallego to the Senate.

@raf In my dotage, I’ve realized that holding a grudge takes too much energy.

#Senate now going through nonsensical #Republican motions re #Mayorkas #impeachment that are all being rejected. There will likely be more before a real vote on Schumer’s point of order that article I is unconstitutional.

#RepublicanDysfunction #PublicDisservice #VoteBlue

AP: Judge awards $23.5 million to undercover St. Louis officer beaten by colleagues during protest... "Hall was walking back toward police headquarters when his uniformed colleagues ordered him to put up his hands and get on the ground, then beat him."

Awww. #RIP Former Florida Sen. Bob Graham, who chaired the Intelligence Committee following the 2001 terrorist attacks and opposed the Iraq invasion, has died. He was 87.

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