"Lügenpresse," which translates to "lying press," was a popular slogan used in the Third Reich.

"Fake news" is a popular slogan used by the far-right.

Despite being almost a century apart, both terms are used for the same purpose - discredit dissent & undermine public trust


Gov. Bill Lee of Tennessee let his domain lapse and is now in the "finding out" portion of fucking around with a tech industry that is dominated by LGBTQIA+ people.


#FAFOInRealTime #Tennessee

A suburban Chicago bakery was targeted after announcing a family-friendly drag brunch

Now that business is closing due to what the owner calls "horrific harassment"

This harassment includes their business being defaced to the tune of $30K in damages

Hey conservatives: so concerned about “groomers” and kids’ safety?

let’s see you go after your own churches and politicians

The Harlem Hellfighters were a predominantly Black regiment in WWI. They confronted racism even as they trained for war, brought jazz to France, and battled longer than any other American unit. They also won the Croix de Guerre for their bravery. The medals can be seen in the colourized photo.

Cold snap still in effect. So we have a roaring fire going. Just finished a lovely brekkie. Mum’s here visiting for a week, so we’re having friends over later in the afternoon, and I’ll be preparing my veggie loaf with mashed potatoes and asparagus for dinner. They’re bringing dessert.

Florida GOP bill would require bloggers to "register" with the state to write about Ron DeSantis -- hard to imagine a bigger violation of the First Amendment!

Proposed by GOP Jason Brodeur, the bill reads: “if a blogger posts to a blog about an elected state officer and receives, or will receive, compensation for that post, the blogger must register with the appropriate office” within “5 days after the first post by the blogger which mentions an elected state officer.”


Hey #GOP #MAGA Morons:

If Trump's Manhattan prosecution is so political and trivial, why did Michael Cohen go to prison for the crime?

Arrest #TrumPutin

> “We were raised Reformed Orthodox Trek. We don’t recognize anything outside of TOS and TNG as canonical. The Roddenberry was involved in those two projects directly, and they present his vision.”

I agree. I enjoyed DS9 and Voyager, but even at that early date they drifted noticably from Roddeberry's original vision. It has only got worse since them.

Congressman Cory Mills has a seat on the Foreign Affairs Committee and the Military Spending Committee

He’s selling arms to foreign governments

…And he won’t disclose which governments

…And he’s a republican

…from Florida

Name one thing more anti-American than this

MUST WATCH: In this video, from April 5, 2018, Trump categorically denies knowing anything about the $130,000 payment to Stormy Daniels

Trump claimed he doesn't know why Cohen made the payment or where he got the money

Everything he says here is a lie


Donald Trump announced he will be arrested on Tuesday.

Republicans like Speaker Kevin McCarthy are rushing to condemn an indictment that none of them have seen. The GOP never lets facts stand in the way of blind loyalty to their lawless lord and savior, Donald Trump.

The GOP need help with their platform so I offer this:

Dear Women,
If you get pregnant, you must carry the pregnancy to term. No exceptions. The unborn baby is sacred and has the right to be born.

Dear Women,
Congratulations on your baby. No, we don't care if you have no money to feed yourself, nor do we care if your child(ren) are starving. We only concern ourselves with the unborn. Living children are a burden on society and we don't give a shit if they starve to death. Not our problem.

@Lowie @StillIRise1963
So…we demand if you’re pregnant you must carry to term no matter what, AND we have no Drs./hospitals be available so you can do it safely for all.
Got it.

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