So yesterday my friend and neighbor, Tanya, and I went to the Fairhope Tea Plantation. It was a fantastic tour and we learned a ton about tea. The grounds were stunning, and the neat part was the tea maestro raises peacocks. They are everywhere and gorgeous!

Oreo and Jet rarely get that close to each other, but there they were at the foot of the bed this morning.

Do you suppose TN will try to ban SNL from being broadcast within the state?

Put a bed pillow under the covers so that I could use my BedJet without it annoying my husband. Worked great, and Oreo thinks it’s just for him!

When Carter ran for office, he was not my favorite. However, he has been such a beacon of humanity that I will miss him terribly when he’s gone. Few other humans have walked the walk the way he has.

1) Didn’t know tomorrow was Bagel & Lox day. I thought that was every day.
2) by . Sweet!

Vegetarian meat pies for dinner tonight. Chickpea, lentils, black beans, mushrooms, onions (a LOT of onions), carrot, celery, and spices.

I talked to a friend who’s a middle school ELA teacher in FL. She has no more classroom library. For the last 20 minutes of each class, instead of doing DEAR (Drop Everything and Read), the students take out their mobile phones.

Tomorrow is my husband’s 70th birthday. Surprises are hard when it’s just the two of you and you’re both retired. So he got his birthday treat today.

The stars at night are big and bright. Deep in the heart of Mississippi.

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