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Do you celebrate Easter in any way?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

Feel free to comment below with why you celebrate or why you don't celebrate!

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« L’Université Laval et l’équipe du Trésor de la langue française au #Québec (TLFQ) ont lancé à la fin du mois une nouvelle version, numérique cette fois, du « #Dictionnaire historique du #français #québécois ». Le DHRQ 2.0, comme ses artisans l’appellent, révise et enrichit de 150 nouvelles entrées la première édition, publiée sur papier uniquement en 1998, pour un total de 810 entrées au lancement de la version numérique. » #québécismes

this is my mouse. there are many like it, but this one is mine.


"The Evangelical wing started down a path of voting against their self-interest and it hasn’t stopped. They are aligned with billionaires and don’t even know it."

#Democrats #Christians

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This is Intisar al-Hammadi, a Yemeni actress and model. In February 2021, she was arrested by the Houthis on charges of prostitution and drug use. No one believes these charges; the truth is that women like her are threats to their patriarchal rules. The fact that her mother is Ethiopian doesn't help (the Houthis enslave Ethiopian women).
They offered to release her if she " ساعدتهم في إيقاع أعدائهم بـ«الجنس والمخدرات»" (helped them ensnare their enemies with sex and drugs).

IDF and Shin Bet security agency on Saturday announce that four senior Hamas terrorists were killed by Israeli troops at Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital in recent days.

Pay attention to how fascists (excuse me "conservatives and libertarians") use the word "elitist."

They clearly think that America is secretly run by actors and college professors rather than the billionaires they keep giving tax cuts to.

Donald Trump just posted an image of Joe Biden tied up in the back of a pickup as though he’d been kidnapped.

This has become a popular sticker for the backs of MAGA folks’ vehicles.

And in normal times, it would have resulted in a referral to the FBI — and the Secret Service.

Trump targets women when he counterattacks:

- Fani Willis
- Letitia James
- E. Jean Carroll
- Robbie Kaplan
- Judge Chutkan
- Judge Engoron’s law clerk
- Judge Merchan’s daughter

Misogyny is ALWAYS one of his weapons of choice.

And women will be the ones to take him down.

I'm noticing that the never-Trumper Republicans are making efforts towards Democrats to shift their policies to the right for them since so many of the far-leftists have started campaigning against Democrats.

It's like people have no comprehension that their actions have consequences.

What makes them blame Biden and Democrats instead of Netanyahu and the Likud Party if not Putin's political technology? I don't want to believe that they're this stupid naturally.

Anyone hiring for iOS? I'd love to be your guy. Please repost this to infinity and beyond!

“When judges are threatened, & particularly when their family is threatened, it’s something that’s wrong & should not happen,” US Dist Judge #ReggieWalton, told CNN in an interview Thurs. He added, “It is very troubling because I think it is an attack on the rule of law.”

#law #Trump #Criminal #MobTactics #MafiaState #violence #StochasticTerrorism #radicalization #MAGA #extremism #democracy

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#Republican-appointed judges raise alarm over #Trump attacks on #law

Federal DC Judge #ReggieWalton warned Trump’s attacks on #HushMoney trial judge & others could lead to #violence.

The Republican-appointed judge denounced Trump’s attacks against the judge presiding over his hush money trial in Manhattan & his daughter, calling them assaults on the #RuleOfLaw that could lead to violence & #tyranny.

#Criminal #MobTactics #MafiaState #democracy #GiftArticle

Just fyi, in Illinois, many of the teachers teaching dual credit courses for college courses are not remotely qualified to do so, their syllabi and content do match what the state says they’re supposed to have, and even though department chairs like myself are supposed to have approval rights to make sure the classes aren’t a joke, we can deny all we want and get overrruled anyway. So the students may be getting college credits, but they’re not getting college content. And nobody seems to care.

As if we needed yet another reason to #VOTEBLUE

Via RonFilipkowski:

Mike Johnson says if #Trump wins and Republicans expand their House majority and take the Senate, he has already spoken with Trump about making “big radical changes,”“aggressive changes” to the govt in first 100 days.

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