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*Hamas* ended the November ceasefire by killing people at a bus stop in Jerusalem and then backing out of the hostage/prisoner swap.

1. These aren't the first hostages rescued this way.

2. This could end if Hamas freed the rest of their kidnapping victims. But they refuse to do so because Palestinian lives don't matter to Hamas leaders.

Alternate headline: "Some Calif. cops are still misogynistic, controlling, religious zealot assholes!"
Some Calif. cops still sharing license plate info with anti-abortion states

#Michigan #GOP lawmaker stripped of committee, office staff after '#GreatReplacement’ post

MI State House Speaker Joe Tate (D) on Mon stripped an Oakland County #Republican lawmaker of his office staff & budget & cmte assignment for sharing a #racist population #ConspiracyTheory on social media.

#law #politics

After the Flood: Can San Diego Rise? - This article points to the clear lack of community services, including not clearing storm drains, as why almost all serious damage occurred in black and brown communities. #racism

I don't need my feet washed. Could use health care security not tied to my job, safety and freedom for my queer and non white friends and family, housing and food for people on the street, maybe a little world peace, possibly some tacos at lunch. My feet, though, are fine

NATO isn’t a pay to play set up, as Trump seems to think. It’s an Alliance that is first and foremost about US national security interests to prevent another world war originating in Europe. The US investment in NATO is worth every dollar - the only time that the article 5 collective defense clause was initiated was in response to 9/11. Our Allies came to our aid then, and it would be shameful and misguided to not do the same — Alina Polyakova #quotes #quotes #NATO #Deterrence #CollectiveSecurity #CollectiveDefense #Russia #TrumpsPutinsPuppet #RussianThreat #politics

This link will help get you registered - no matter where you live in America

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The thing about Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl is that YOU SHOULD REGISTER TO VOTE.

Right now.

Okay, now I'll be serious.

From @NPR Trump thinks that copyright legislation he signed while president made Taylor Swift "so much money," it would be "disloyal" of her to endorse Biden.

I would imagine Swifties would be annoyed and offended by the idea of a guy trying to take credit for her success.

Disloyal? Wow.

(I spent the day at the beach with Chilean in-laws and JJ. For Chileans, football is soccer.)

"For every 1,000 cases of #measles, about 200 children may be hospitalized, 50 may get pneumonia, one child may develop brain swelling along with deafness or disability, and between one and three may die.

Despite the availability of an incredibly effective #vaccine, the #disease is spreading worldwide.

Last month, the World Health Organization announced an 'alarming' 45-fold increase in measles in Europe from 2022 to 2023."

#vaccines #healthcare #antivax #conspiracy

@skykiss What I can't understand are all the good ol' boys who proudly claim #white #European heritage are now so eager to let #RU and #pootie conquer Europe to elect #trump and stick it to #libs and #progressives. #CriticalThinking is not their strong suit.

Via Ashley K. Smalls
1:49 PM · Feb 11, 2024

"People had the privilege of never seeing these diseases thanks to vaccines and then told themselves they didn’t need vaccines because they had never seen these diseases. Great job guys!"

#Measles Now Spreading in 9 States Amid 'Staggering' #Outbreak, #CDC Warns:


WARSAW, Poland: The head of the NATO military alliance warned Sunday that Donald Trump was putting the safety of US troops and their allies at risk after the Republican presidential front-runner said Russia should be able to do "whatever the hell they want" to NATO members who don't meet their defense spending targets.


Raw Story:
Biden slams Trump's 'appalling and dangerous' NATO comments

President Joe Biden slammed as "appalling and dangerous" comments by Donald Trump downplaying his commitment to NATO, warning Sunday that the former president intends to give Russian leader Vladimir Putin "a greenlight for more war and violence."

#News #WorldNews #Ukraine #Russia #War #RussiaUkraineWar #NATO #EU

@GottaLaff NFL. Biden did not think "for a split sec that Egypt was Mexico". He misnamed a country with a border issue - pulling the wrong name out of a choice of two. People do this all the time. I do it quite often. Word memory is associative. Especially noticeable when there is an extra person in your life - the closest matching person gets mis-named a lot.

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