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@AlliFlowers @edgeoforever He and Freddie are a special kind of evil. When Payback dropped in 1999 Bronson was modeled off of Freddie Trump and Johnny was modeled off of Donald. Pays a nod to Donald E. Westlake’s material and source “The Hunter” with call outs to “Point Blank” with Lee Marvin. Considering that Westlake actually knew them and long after his analyst days yup, he had them pegged, and Donald is a fascist pig.

Gun nuts get very upset when you mislabel an AR-15 as an assault rifle. So to avoid any controversy, please refer to the weapon using its proper technical classification, which is a mass murder rifle.

💪🏼Big news:

BREAKING NEWS: The #MSNBC #Union has reached a tentative agreement with management on a first contract! Thank you to all our members and supporters who helped make a fair deal possible! #UnionStrong

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If your god wants you to kill people, it’s defective.
Get rid of it.

GOP Senator Goes All In On ‘Nutball’ Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theories
Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) suggested that federal agents disguised themselves as Trump supporters on Jan. 6.

This is outrageous....
Everyone knows it wasn't federal agents.
It was aliens... like the one pictured below..😂 😂 😂

Which of these positions is more moral than the other?

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This is why social media should be owned by all of us:

4 days ago, Musk promoted antisemitism in a tweet, and Ron DeSantis does not dare condemn it, but instead tries to claim he has not seen the tweet which is all over the mainstream media.

Think about that: A candidate for president does not dare to critizise a businessman, because that businessman controls the social media site used in his political campaign.

I have said it before: Mastodon is how we fight back.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

"Those who remember the past are condemned to watch ignorant others repeat it. " - Ç'thûłhů

Ron DeSantis signed a law this year that gave Florida the lowest standard among the states that allow the death penalty. It enables split juries to hand out death sentences.

George Santos is a gay immigrant for Trump and that's proof that God loves us and wants us to laugh.

May be an unpopular take, but I think the main risk of ML is not that it's good at what it does.

It's actually very bad, worse than humans by far at what it does. But because people collectively believe it is good at stuff, people are focusing so much on "the singularity" or "it replacing [x job]" the real risk continues unhindered.
This is a good example of the true goal of ML: introduce bias and inefficiency in areas where inefficiency is desirable to capitalism.

Reporter: Is a hostage deal near?

Biden: I believe so

"I pledge allegiance to the Standard of the Party of Trump, and to the Theocracy for which it stands, one nation under Blob, easily divisible, with liberty and justice only for White Christo-fascists."
- the Republican Pledge of Allegiance

Two yachts allegedly belonging to putin have been discovered, bringing the total number of known yachts supposedly belong to putin to nine, the independent russian anti-corruption project Dossier Center reported

The two yachts, the 71-meter Victoria and the 38-meter Orion, are worth a combined total of more than $65 million, and are supposedly used by putin and his entourage.

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraini #RussiaIsATerroristState
#StandWithUkraine #yacht

A regular reminder. We have a falling Birth-rate & an aging population. Can bigots, racists & xenophobes do counting ? We should be welcoming immigrants coming in boats or by other means, with open arms. Especially the so-called economic migrants. They are the hope for the future

The decision by a Colorado judge that found that Trump had incited insurrection AND let him off the hook on a technicality has many perplexed. It’s good news for Trump, right? Not necessarily. He may be worse off than ever. I explain why in today’s piece.

Today is National Turkey Day when Biden pardons a turkey.
The reports that he's pardoned Trump are absolutely false.

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