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"Trump Lashes Out at ‘Liberal Jews Who Voted to Destroy America’ by Not Supporting Him." If you don't think Trump and MAGA come for the Jews if he wins you simply don't know anything about FASCIST movements. He is already framing as Jews who don't support Trump are the enemy.

Bill Maher has tweeted he will postpone the return of his show.

I believe we can collectively agree that the best way for him to rectify this error is by pledging that his show will not come back at all.

Flu is the reason I’m deaf, amongst many other long term health issues and side effects. So be selfish, and get a flu vaccine.

@davemark and remember to turn off beta updates before dev 17.1 beta gets pushed

A Black high school student in Texas who served an in-school suspension over his hairstyle received the same punishment again when he arrived Monday wearing his hair in twisted dreadlocks tied on top of his head, his mother said.

We all know elections are important.

Andy Beshear, #Kentucky governor, is running for reelection in November. He’s done a great job for the state and is an important Democratic hold for protecting reproductive rights, voting rights, and the right to read, be, and love what and who you want.


Beshear links Cameron to reality of abortion law in reelection campaign-

Everyone has that moment when they see the arrow in the FedEx logo, see the face in the IHOP logo, or the face in the Goodwill logo. But when you show them that the ampersand is really just a stylized "Et" their minds truly explode.


Let me get this straight: teachers can only write off $300 in out-of-pocket expenses for school supplies, but “three-martini” business lunches are fully tax deductible for corporations. Hello?

On Sep 18, 1923: NAACP Protests Penn. Mayor's Deportation of Black and Mexican Residents

Some evenings I find myself reflecting on the weird, winding path that I took through transition.

And how grateful I am for being trans.

And how grateful I am that the love of my life loves it just as much as I do.

Of all the futures I thought were possible when I started my transition, I never imagined that the one I'm in was even on the table. I didn't even think it was on the table a year and a half ago.

So I guess I'm saying: those of you who're going through hell right now?

Keep going. Zelenskyy: ‘If Ukraine falls, Putin will surely go further. What will the United States of America do when Putin reaches the Baltic states? When he reaches the Polish border? We have a lot of gratitude. What else must Ukraine do for everyone to measure our huge gratitude? We are dying in this war.’ #Ukraine

For the 2024 election Democrats need to beat the Republicans over the head with abortion. Not only the overturn of Roe v Wade, but the states passing laws all but banning abortion and making moves to restrict travel to blue states. Cap it by pointing out the emerging Republican intention of banning birth control in this country.
They'll deny and deflect and that is to be expected.
Talk about it! Talk about it! Talk about it!

@TerryHancock @futurebird @aprilfollies @zzzeek When I voted in the 14 primary in rural Texas, the white guys directed me to the GOP table because I'm a white guy. I then realized where I was and sauntered over to the table staffed by little old black ladies.

I got death stares the entire time from the white guys. The black ladies whispered to me that I should take some extra turns on the way home to make sure they wouldn't send their boys after me.

The black ladies knew what was up.

Libya flooding: Landmines pose new threat, death toll rises to 11,300 with 10,000 still missing!

Many people in Libya have been left without fresh drinking water since the floods contaminated sources, but there's a new danger if they travel to get water: landmines displaced by strong currents

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