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There was some mystery surrounding this bill, and I was wondering what they would do to make it worse, so here it is: once it passes, DeSantis will be able to hold future WDW Orlando projects hostage if the corporation at large doesn’t demonstrate an appropriate level of fealty and cater to his whims.

Thousands of Thai army cadets, university students and a handful of volunteers performed a record-breaking Muay Thai "wai khru" ceremony, all under the watchful eyes of six massive statues of former kings. 📷 @TheLilyfish

Inviting you to try out this free academic platform, where you simply describe the logic of the game in #English and the system automatically generates the game for you to play and test. It also provides feedback on incorrectly written sentences.

#EdTech #AI @edutooters

Dell are the latest to layoff a volume of employees. A shame and unfortunate for those that will be affected…


#UPDATE Here is the latest on the situation in quake-hit Turkey and Syria: ➡️The combined death toll stands at more than 3,800 ➡️Dozens of nations have pledged aid after the 7.8-magnitude quake ➡️Thousands of buildings were flattened 📷 @omar_hajkadour

Great start to my week. Did a 45 minute workout with my trainer, then joined the local senior center, and finished up by getting a library card.

A 3.8 magnitude #earthquake struck the suburbs of #Buffalo, #NewYork, early Monday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey

#UPDATE The combined death toll has risen to over 1,900 for Turkey and Syria after the region's strongest quake in nearly a century. Turkey said at least 1,121 people died in the 7.8-magnitude earthquake, with another 783 confirmed fatalities in Syria, putting the toll at 1,904

“Sometimes, politics feels like a reality show. When it does, it’s important to remember that it is, and that on any given day, it’s the dumbest one on TV — by far.”


Raw footage of 7.8 earthquake damage in Turkey.

Multiple reports of tens of buildings collapsed.

Struck at 4:17 am local time. Most residents were at home sleeping.
#Turkey #BREAKING #news

CBS News pressed Sen. Ted Cruz on why he's running for reelection after he introduced a bill limiting senators to 2 terms in office: 'Why aren't you holding yourself to that standard?'

I taught in a high school where less than half of students went on to post-secondary. Final exams were in no way preparation for these students, so we dropped them for most courses. In senior-level optional science and math classes, we continued with comprehensive finals, because those students were more likely to go to university. Different methods for different students just makes sense.

#education #teaching #evaluation

#UPDATE Heavy fighting was underway Sunday in the northern parts of the frontline hotspot Bakhmut, while Ukraine's defence minister said the reluctance of Kyiv's Western allies to send jets would cost it "more lives."

It's not working everywhere. Ex. Kiel, WI, which was cited in that bad NYT article on education, just rejected their superintendent and far right school board members.

@AlliFlowers: Agree, and it's working. Once the right saw the success of the culture war approach with Youngkin in VA, they kicked into gear. What seems new are the active legislative tools for attacking individual educators with punitive damages or even 'felonies', similar to attacks on health care professionals for care. The climate of generalized fear will have much more impact than curriculum reforms, assessments, merit pay. Oh, and vouchers. We're sleepwalking into it.

The US promised the Cherokee Nation a seat in Congress in a treaty that fueled the Trail of Tears. 188 years later, the Cherokee say lawmakers may finally fulfill that promise.

Florida is creating the playbook on education for at least half the country. Now, TFG has revealed his education plan, and he’s clearly going beyond even Florida. This is a deeply disturbing movement that more closely aligns with the Soviet Union or Germany under fascism. Yet, it’s getting a strong positive response in places. I don’t think educators or the opposition in general have figured out an effective alternative rhetoric. This is about dismantling education

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