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The US promised the Cherokee Nation a seat in Congress in a treaty that fueled the Trail of Tears. 188 years later, the Cherokee say lawmakers may finally fulfill that promise.

Florida is creating the playbook on education for at least half the country. Now, TFG has revealed his education plan, and he’s clearly going beyond even Florida. This is a deeply disturbing movement that more closely aligns with the Soviet Union or Germany under fascism. Yet, it’s getting a strong positive response in places. I don’t think educators or the opposition in general have figured out an effective alternative rhetoric. This is about dismantling education

.@VP and I sat down with leaders from the Congressional Black Caucus to continue on our commitment to reform policing in America.

Real change will only come with action.

Congress must pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

Morning! Florida Republicans are in gaslighting mode, denying the book-banning. In reality, at least one county already is forming a volunteer police force to round up books they deem "woke." One book they hate? Michelle Obama's memoir.

In America, we claim to care about our children and their future. But without standing behind our educators, our actions do not back up our words.


Florida sets record in Obamacare enrollment as people clamor for health insurance - Big red Florida and Texas lead US in enrollments. #Health

From MSNBC: NEW: The FAA will halt flight departures to Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, and Charleston in response to the Chinese surveillance balloon over the Carolinas.

Why don’t we just bring the thing down?

Florida teachers hide their books to avoid felonies from book banner Ron DeSantis.

“In Duval County, which comprises Jacksonville, PEN America found that 176 titles had already been banned, including at least one Berenstain Bears book; biographies of Henry Aaron, Harriet Tubman, Celia Cruz, Rosa Parks, and Malala …”

Records show powerful, wealthy funders outside Idaho back school choice campaign - Documents the push to send public education dollars to religiously affiliated schools and undercut public schools. via @idahocapitalsun #Education #Politics

CURMUDGUCATION: AZ: How Do You Make School Grading Systems Worse - Employ white supremacy in your useless school grading scheme. #Education

After years of attacking teachers and public schools, the right wing has a payoff of sorts

The teacher shortage leaves a vacuum. Fascists want to fill that vacuum with the military industrial complex

States like Florida are looking to use unqualified veterans to teach children. Literally grooming kids to a life of military service.

Very few people saw starship troopers, so I’m going to leave that reference be

For our 1st year anniversary, #VelshiBannedBookClub revisits the #1619Project, the work that started it all. “The books that have stuck with me most in my life are the ones that have unsettled me,” says @nhannahjones. #velshi #1619Hulu

It’s been exactly one year since our first-ever meeting of the #VelshiBannedBookClub!

A year of literary analysis, conversations with authors, and a deeper understanding of the power of story. Books can change a life, or even save a life. 📚💥 #velshi

As I stated on MSNBC, The GOP targeted Rep. Ilhan Omar because she is all the things the GOP base hates rolled into one: She's Black, Muslim, an immigrant and a strong woman. While it took 15 ballots for Kevin McCarthy to win the Speakership, it only took one ballot to get all the Republicans on board to target a Black, Muslim woman. Keep in mind that there are over 270 Republicans in the House and Senate. How many are Black woman? ZERO. And that is the way the GOP wants

Please do NOT ever stop pushing for Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Jim Jordan and others who were co-conspirators in Trump's attempted coup to be held criminally accountable for their efforts to overturn the 2020 election. If we stop calling for accountability our Republic ends.

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