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@QasimRashid wish we had a faster and more comprehensive passenger rail network here in the states. Flying is fine for long distance but unnecessary for shorter trips.

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Exactly the message you need to hear today, by Howard Zinn [via Patrice Wynne]

@QasimRashid It was only the 291st shoot-em-up in 2024 (as listed by Over fifteen hundred people have experienced an unexpected lead poisoning. Meh, why should it carry an special weight?

@dangillmor The camps will be in Missouri: they will just add an "-er" to one word in the state slogan.

@mastodonmigration On the upside, after saying Joe the President was not capable of contemporaneous speaking, House Speaker (not-much-more-than-a) Johnson excused himself from the podium because the TelePromTer was not working.

@malcircuit “Freedom” is a lie. John Muir talked about how you pick up a thing in nature only to find it is connected to everything else. Instead of “thinking outside the box”, burn the box.

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What the hell am I talking about? Not sure, to be honest.

But one aspect is to kill the lie of "us" vs. "them"

There is no "them", there is only us. It's always been that way, even if we never had a great enough perspective to see it until lately.

We live on an isolated speck of pleasantness in a sea of death we can never leave (Earth). Everything anyone does here eventually affects everyone else. We are all connected and are all in the same fight together. All problems are global.

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@wdlindsy I have long thought that schools should have the kids hang out old folks every week or two, to improve the lives of both.

(Also, old people should get training in how to fall – like is taught in martial arts – so that when they do, they are less likely to hurt themselves.)

@Huntn00 And he will actually accomplish these things? Last time, we were saved by his incompetence and need to run things. This time, who knows?

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"Just because you think Alfred is too old to take care of the Batcave, you don't replace him with the Joker."
~ Jimmy Kimmel

@JuliusGoat I have been trying to, but these right-wingers keep striving to drag me (all of us) backwards. At least the conservatives grudgingly tolerated some progress.

@JuliusGoat Please use the correct language. Jimmy Carter is a conservative and always has been. These people are not “conservatives”, they are reactionary nihilists.

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@MugsysRapSheet Of course not. We don't need more cars, EVs or not, *especially* not more SUVs. We need many fewer cars and more public transit.

@breadandcircuses Back about 20+ years ago, executives in the auto industry saw that pickup-like vehicles were given looser emissions/fuel economy standards than cars, so they embarked on this major marketing push to get the public to want SUVs, so that they could take advantage of those lower standards. Back about 6 years ago, the US car makers simply dug out of the car market. Now all these taller vehicles make it harder and harder to use a car. Or cross the street.

@w7voa He is getting senile, yeah, yeah, try telling me that. Just try.

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During a group photo with greeters on the PHL tarmac a reporter shouted a question at President Biden about whether he'd serve four more years or hand over power to VP Harris. He replied: “You're not hurt are you? Are you okay? Did you fall on your head or something?”

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