@AlliFlowers at least never have your vote counted again.
Voting will resemble Saddam’s Iranian “democracy”.

@AlliFlowers Well said! You got Mastodon Award of the Day! 🏆


I am reluctantly voting for Biden in 2024.

If they dont make it easier to elect a progressive on 2028 I am done

I will not be a hostage forever

@rticks Like the pictures says…if we don’t vote for Biden in 24, we won’t have the opportunity to vote ever again.

@AlliFlowers Absolutely.

I would rather never vote again than be subjected to the last four years in perpetuity.

@rticks @AlliFlowers
Most eligible progressives are taken by Maga bull crap. These are the people who need progressive ideas to uplift them.


Oh sheeittt. You mean I get to make my current savings only last four more years then I get to be free and die!? LFG! I'm to live it up!

@mambear404 That or die a slave under a facsist regime. Your choice.


I'm too feisty to honestly respond to that today.

Regardless, I will continue to work and enjoy my career and life and choices that I make for myself. All while living comfortably within my means.

Same as I hope everyone else chooses to do.


Republicans were quiick to point out to their voters that if they vote for trump once they will never need to vote ever again.

Some of them thought, what a great deal, after all it's so hard to vote isn't it?

@AlliFlowers Wow, much democracy, very freedom.
Please America, tell us again about how to run our governments, because you're clearly winning at it.

@Abs1nthe Help yourself. I actually stole it from somewhere else to start with. @TruthSandwich

@AlliFlowers I would really rather vote for someone other than Biden, but for now he seems to be the best choice among available candidates.

@PaulAKachur @AlliFlowers Same. I'm not a fan of Biden by a long shot. But I'll do what I've got to do to get to still have any say in the matter next time. One bad candidate is not enough to justify sacrificing our entire democratic system over.

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