“We are Jewish writers, artists, and activists…In our grief, we are horrified to see the fight against antisemitism weaponized as a pretext for war crimes with stated genocidal intent.”



@inthehands Which is why it is CRITICAL to remember that all Jews are not Zionists, and not all Zionists are Jews. I know a tremendous number of southern Baptists who are Zionists. @StillIRise1963

@Judeet88 @AlliFlowers @inthehands@hachyderm.io @StillIRise1963@mastodon.world Yes there are 2 million Palestinian second class citizens 50% of which live below the poverty line, cannot live where they want like Jewish citizens, and are heavily persecuted.

@AlliFlowers @inthehands @StillIRise1963
The evangelical church I was raised in had a raging hard on for that whole "Jesus can only come back if the nation of Israel is restored and the temple is rebuilt" thing.

Between the obsession with bringing about the end times and that the only life that matters is the afterlife, evangelicalism is seriously an apocalyptic death cult.

Yes. I have family who won't shut up about this. They don't care about Jewish people or Palestinians. They don't care about their own family. It is terrifying to know that U.S. politicians work on behalf of this.
@AlliFlowers @inthehands @StillIRise1963

@jargoggles The charm of the Dominionist sect is that they have gotten tired of waiting and are actively attempting to cause events which conform to their Hal Hartley inspired reading of the book of Revelations. @AlliFlowers @inthehands @StillIRise1963

@jargoggles You must have been raised in the same cult that expelled me from school! @inthehands @StillIRise1963

@jargoggles @AlliFlowers @inthehands @StillIRise1963 #HorseshoeTheory manifest… All fundamental extremists are dangerous zealots -regardless of which book or god they worship. However, #Zionism is simply the belief that Israel has a right to exist, and there’s no getting around the sad reality that the legitimacy of #Israel & its right to self defense is singularly questioned & held to ridiculous double standards… IOW #AntiZionism = #antisemitism

#HamasSurrender #FreeGazaHostages #BringThemHome

@Properganda @jargoggles @AlliFlowers @inthehands @StillIRise1963 this is part of the generational divide in the I/P question, nobody under the age of 50 can remember a time when portraying Israel as an underdog wasn’t plainly absurd.

@theothersimo @jargoggles @AlliFlowers @inthehands @StillIRise1963
indeed, yet never expected any generation to be so thoroughly & willfully brainwashed to be useful idiots for jihadism & authoritarianism, not to mention there’s plenty of underdogs that are arguably more deserving of sympathy, yet conveniently ignored.
#Uyghers #Rhohingya #Afghanis #Yemeni #Iraqi #Syrian


@AlliFlowers @inthehands @StillIRise1963 also Zionism is inherently antisemitic, being originated as a 'solution' to the "Jewish Question"


@ch0ccyra1n Never heard it put like that. I’ll have to give it some thought. @inthehands @StillIRise1963

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