I'm sure it's not just me, but behind all these harmful products, guns, fossil fuels, meat, etc, are the industries spreading disinformation.

It's the fucking industries that are making a profit out of products that harm people (& or the planet)

@empiricism Definitely not just you. The reason behind all the guns is the NRA. There’s industry behind everything that’s wrong with the US.

@AlliFlowers its the fucking Republicans that are dependent on funding from Putin through the NRA.


Sure, I agree - remove the guns and things will get better. Can't shoot anyone without a gun. But the root cause is not the guns themselves. It's the alienation and hate that springs from people feeling abandoned, deprived, oppressed and desperate and the pressure inside has no safety valve, it keeps rising and rising until the pot blows the lid and then it's too late to say oh why didn't they talk to us.

Treating symptoms is important, of course, but that is not enough to cure the malady. You have to look beyond guns, figure out why is it that people decide to go shooting at strangers in schools or in the street, and deal with the causes. It'll be a long and painful recovery, but without it they'll just go for knives or crowbars or whatever is heavy and hard enough.

@tarmoamer I don’t disagree, but it’s a simple step to get rid of the automatic weapons. That would be a great place to start.

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