I'm sure it's not just me, but behind all these harmful products, guns, fossil fuels, meat, etc, are the industries spreading disinformation.

It's the fucking industries that are making a profit out of products that harm people (& or the planet)

@empiricism Definitely not just you. The reason behind all the guns is the NRA. There’s industry behind everything that’s wrong with the US.

@Ruthie Shannon Watt’s last hurrah and she didn’t have a single fuck left to give.

@AlliFlowers What's very disheartening to me is that Senator Chris Murphy is the only public advocate from the U.S. Senate. I've never heard #MarkKelly supporting a ban on sales of assault weapons. Sickening!!

@Ruthie It was so incredible being able to watch Gov. Pritzker sign the new gun sense law in IL. If enough governors would do that, we wouldn’t need the Senate. (And we’d stop having shootings EVERY goddamned day!)

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