"Then I thought, why do we even need servers when it's already in the cloud!?"
~Elon (probably)

The poll from that we NEED to see. (surely this is fake but still...)

Free speech is allowed on , so long as it only comes from himself.

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Some shots you can’t plan for.
I was waiting to shoot the rise of a supermoon when the clouds rolled in a ruined the spectacle. Instead of the moon crowning the tip of the Bay Bridge, a flock of pelicans passed over it, in perfect formation mimicking the shape of the bridge.
#sanfrancisco #baybridge #pelican #photography #urbanwildlife #wildlife #wildlifephotography

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Hi @elonmusk@twitter.com

You have banned linking to your social media competitors, including via link aggregators

I'd like to report that @libsoftiktok@twitter.com is in direct violation of this policy

Or is this rule only going to be applied against your ideological enemies?



Donald defends inciting an insurrection by inciting another insurrection.

“weaponized thugs and tyrants” in the FBI and DOJ “must be dealt with.”


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My mastodon link at my pinned tweet on Twitter is now warning anyone who clicks on it that the sight may be “unsafe.”
You know what actually feels unsafe right now? Musk on Twitter.

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Congress has passed (and Biden is expected to sign) a bill aimed at conflicts of interest that arise when govt contractors work for both federal agencies & private-sector clients.

The bipartisan group of senators who sponsored the bill cited ProPublica’s reporting on consulting giant #McKinsey and its simultaneous work for the #FDA and #opioid makers like #PurduePharma


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Advice to new #Mastodon users: Follow at least 200 people and you will have a far better experience. Curate those people and you’ll have an excellent experience. The engagement here is really good, but you have to put in a little work at first. Also the lack of the quote tweet function is fantastic. It lends itself to a much healthier culture. No ganging up. No toxic trolling. So far that’s been my experience. #twitterPurge

I'm surprised that news agencies are still using at this point. It shows the power the platform still holds over them. needs credibility to function, Twitter has lost it under

We should all just be grateful that Elon isn't murdering journalists.

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