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US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is visiting Kyiv to meet with Ukrainian government leaders.

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New Jersey Republicans thought they’d pick up some seats in the NJ legislature by running on the same horrible platform they always have. And they lost more seats.

Democrats have big night in battle for N.J. Legislature-

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@Huntn00 Lincoln yes, Reagan I doubt. He would be a true Republican, similar to Romney or Bill Weld, as opposed to what the party has become (i.e. a haven for fascists).

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On this date, in 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected president. At that time, he was representative of, at least part, of the Republican Party.

Were he alive today, he would be both outraged and astonished at what his party has become and the evil it constitutes in our society.

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How to close the partisan divide:

Beshear & Presley, the surging underdog Dem in MS, have shown that their party’s brand can be detoxified on hostile terrain with a focus on jobs, education & HC & by intensely personal campaigns that encourage voters to forget culture wars & partisan loyalties. In his Covid briefings: "He came across as the gubernatorial version of Mr Rogers.” His response to floods in E KY & tornadoes in the west reinforced this image.


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Another day, another…

A shooter fired 22 shots into a crowd in #Cincinnati, #Ohio on Friday, killing an 11-year-old boy and wounding four other children and an adult, according to local authorities. #GunViolence

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@Huntn00 he actually said that. I know I checked and it’s just one of several crazy things that he said on video.

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Many years ago, when I was still working, I had an active Facebook account with over 5000 followers. That didn’t really make me a big deal there, of course, but I was proud of having at least some influence on a few people.

I left Facebook behind when I retired in 2012 and relocated to Europe. I needed a little time off then to recharge my batteries, rediscover my identity, and relax before jumping back into the fray.

After a year or so of chilling out, I started a Twitter account, calling it Bread and Circuses. My focus initially was on the appalling state of traditional party politics, especially in the USA. But as time went on, I felt increasingly compelled to comment on the worsening climate and environmental crises.

Upon my return to the USA in 2018, I tried to make my Twitter presence more meaningful, but it never took off. I couldn’t find traction there. And we all know what happened soon after that…

Space Karen arrived and quickly made Twitter toxic, so I jumped over to Mastodon in November 2022. That’s a choice I will never regret. It’s been such a joy to connect with so many smart, caring, and sincere people here. I feel incredibly lucky and very very happy. 🤗

Thanks, everyone, for all your support and for the great contributions you make in commenting on my posts. We are indeed stronger together!

#Mastodon #Anniversary

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It says #MiamiDolphins at #KansasCityChiefs, but they're playing in Frankfurt. 🙄 Whatever. I'm going to see if lying on the couch watching #NFL has the same effect as back in the day.

Namely, putting me to sleep.

Also, the NFL is racist as fuck.

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@Huntn00 @breadandcircuses

> My hope is not all Israel’s are of a like mind.

Enough of them are. How did Netanyahu and his cabal achieve control otherwise?

My estimate is that 40% of people worldwide are "conservative" (but what they're conserving can't be discussed in polite company) and perhaps as much as 25% are right-wing extremists willing to support fascism and dictatorship.

It's quite hard to have nice things with a demographic like that.

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After a big week and during a traveling weekend here’s Some Sunday Morning Reading to share.

If you think everything sucks, there might be a reason.

Featuring good stuff from @davidtoddmccarty @NatashaMH and Amanda Chicago Lewis

#AI #politics #writing #culture #SundayMorning Reading #history

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"Who helps pay for this effort to trick Ohio voters into privileging rapist sperm cells over 10-year old rape victims? The same strange little man behind the overturning of Roe, of course.

Leonard Leo - the Knight-Errant in Italian loafers on a camel above - is an ideological time traveler from the 11th Century, and he’s proud of it. He likes to include his status as a Knight of Malta in his official bios."

~ Nina Burleigh

#Ohio #abortion #LeonardLeo


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We had a 🐻 bend our fence down and walk through our back yard last night 😳

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"The reality is that Judge Cannon lacks the temperament to be a federal judge, at least in a case involving the man who put her on the bench….[I]t’s clear that, like the earlier rulings that caused the 11th Circuit to tell her to stand down, she is handling this case in a manner that deprives reasonable people of the belief she is a fair and neutral arbiter."

~ Joyce Vance

Aileen Cannon remains a disgrace to the US judidicary and Florida bench.

#AileenCannon #Trump

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Good morning! Getting ready to head home after a really nice visit with family. It’s a 4 hour drive home, which isn’t too bad, but long enough for me. Wish I had some of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers to get me there faster.

Hope you can grab some relaxation time today to recharge for the Monday coming around.


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